iCalm App - Infant Color And Light Mellower App for the iPhone. Calm Baby. Stop Infant Crying.

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Now available on the Apple iTunes App Store in the entertainment Category. A great iPhone App to help parents calm their unhappy baby!

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About the App

This app was developed by two fathers who have newborn babies that bring them smiles every day. As with all parents though, there were times they struggled to calm and mellow their children. They racked their brains trying to change unhappy screams into smiles and giggles and came up with the idea of iCalm.

Thinking of situations (e.g., airplane rides, public places, quiet environments) where their idea might help others who have a screaming baby and have run out of tricks to calm their child, they decided to create the app and publish it. Proceeds from each sale will likely go towards baby food and future college funds…or maybe a spa day for mommy.

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Additional tips to calm your baby

There are many methods parent discover to calm their crying child. Nothing is a substitute for love, nurture, and a calming voice. Methods that may be useful to help a parent in need include:

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Health and Safety

iCalm is not a replacement for quality, attentive parenting. It is solely intended to be used as entertainment tool to distract a crying infant or toddler through visual stimulation. iCalm should never be used for extended periods of time. Children should never be left alone with the app running.


As with any high-contrast alternating light patterns, there is a risk of seizure or accelerated heart rate and stimulation. Users use this app at their own risk.

Users of iCalm App acknowledge that under no circumstances will iCalm App, its parenting companies or development team be subject to litigation or accountability for any negative reactions, dependency, or health related issues that may arise through use of this app.

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